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Grade 7 Formative: English – Out of the Dust by Hesse

A symbol is “something that stands for or suggests something else by reason of relationship, association, convention, or accidental resemblance; especially: a visible sign of something invisible. (For example, the lion is a symbol of courage) (

Read the excerpt below from Out of the Dustby Mildred D. Hesse. Then explain in a well-developed open response, how the author uses land ownership, as a symbol.

 March 1934


 Daddy is thinking

of taking a loan from Mr. Roosevelt and his men,

to get some new wheat planted

where the winter crop has spindled out and died.

Mr. Roosevelt promises

Daddy won't have to pay a dime

till the crop comes in.

Daddy says,

"I can turn the fields over,

start again.

It’s sure to rain soon.

Wheat's sure to grow."

Ma says, "What if it doesn't?"

Daddy takes off his hat,

roughs up his hair,

puts the hat back on.

"Course it’ll rain," he says.

Ma says, "Bay,

it hasn't rained enough to grow wheat in

three years."

Daddy looks like a light brewing.

He takes that red face of his out to the barn,

to keep from feuding with my pregnant ma.

I ask Ma


after all this time,

Daddy still believes in rain.

"Well, it rains enough," Ma says,

"now and again,

to keep a person hoping.

But even if it didn't

your daddy would have to believe.

It’s coming on spring,

and he's a farmer" (26-27)




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Welcome back to school, and welcome to the O'Bryant!

This page will be a resource for information on my ELA 7 class this year, as well as announcements and information for my homeroom. Bookmark this page for quick access.

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As mentioned in class, we are taking the PARCC practice test for ELA on Monday. Be sure to bring your headphones as there are portions of the test where you will have audio and cannot use it unless you have headphones connected.

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Thursday, October 2nd is picture day for middle school students. Be sure to come dressed to impress for your picture. This will be the picture on your ID cards, as well as the picture your parents/guardians can order.

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The Writers' Room is holding an open house after school tomorrow, on Wednesday, Sept. 10th, from 2-3 p.m. They will have snacks, games, giveaways and an opportunity for students to sign up for their fall writing workshops.

The Writers' Room is located past the main office, past the nurse's office....keep going...through the doors....yep - that big glass room across from the Spanish classrooms.

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I want to welcome back everyone to the  new school year. I'm so glad to have all the new faces in my room and I'm looking forward to teaching you this year. We have a lot to learn and not much time, but if we work together it will all get accomplished!


Check the resources page for a copy of the syllabus that has more information about what we will be doing thins year.  

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Don't forget to bring in the following on Monday:

  • Globe Santa Envelopes
  • Donations for the Philippines
  • Your permission slips and $$$ for Urban Nutcracker field trip
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Remember that we are holding a canned food drive to benefit those less fortunate for Thanksgiving. Collection has already started and will run through Friday. 

Please bring non-perishable food (stuff that can't go bad) and canned food to help those who may have less than you.

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Picture day for the middle school is October 3! Make sure you're ready and dressed to impress. There are usually make up days for people who were absent, but how about we just show up on the third and make everyone's life easier - ok? Awesome! 

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Do not forget that Open House is tonight between 6:00 and 8:00 p.m.

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We just got an update that they can (and likely will) run another book order process in a couple of weeks for those of you who do not know if you will be in AP English next year. By the time the next set of order forms are due, you will know.

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OK, here's the information to vote for William's group in the Verizon contest:

Vote for uHabits by 5/28

Click here

Then click on Massachusetts

Then click the John D. O'Bryant School

Scroll down to uHabits and vote for them

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